Impactful Copywriting for Your Nonprofit Organization



Around The World 

Growing up as a U. S. Naval officer’s daughter was an exciting and multicultural experience. From her father’s stations in New Jersey, California, Guam, Washington, D.C., England and finally Dallas, Nikki travelled extensively domestically and abroad. By the time of her college graduation, she had attended nine schools. She learned firsthand what it was like to always be the “new kid” on the block. Upon saying goodbye to friends when leaving each duty station, she was left with only one constant and close childhood friend – her sister.

To this day, Nikki has a deep empathy and connection with those who struggle to be part of the whole. Her heart is open to those who may feel set apart by cultural differences or deal with mental, physical, educational or financial challenges. Nikki deeply understands the basic human needs for love, acceptance, validation and justice of all kinds. She has spent her life passionately championing causes that speak to these needs.

Nikki’s family has a long history of service to others. A family reunion would include nurses, teachers, ministers, missionaries, former Peace Corps workers and a few lawyers. Her family members are multi-lingual speakers in Spanish, French, Japanese, Tagalog and Lao. 

Nikki enjoys travel for pleasure and as part of her work with nonprofits. She has worked and traveled with CARE, the international humanitarian aid and development agency. Visiting CARE projects in remote areas of Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, expanded her knowledge of the needs of developing nations.

Nikki’s travel for nonprofits continued domestically as MADD’s former National Vice President for Field Issues. She crisscrossed the United States visiting and working with MADD chapters, which at that time, totaled 423.

All of Nikki’s nonprofit experience has served to seal her commitment to be part of the positive change that CARE, MADD and other NGO’s create worldwide.

Personal Interests

Nikki enjoys her pursuit of fluency in French. A highlight of her life was the opportunity to attend the Alliance Française language school in Paris. The school’s entrance exam scored her at level three out of four levels of fluency. She and her sister, who also speaks French, have traveled throughout France together. Her sister navigates while Nikki drives. Driving through France is not for the faint-hearted. The only thing Nikki has found to be more challenging is driving the German Autobahn, which she has lived to talk about.

A former English saddle competition rider and owner of American Saddlebred gaited horses, Nikki retains a deep love for all things equestrian. She is also a dog and cat lover and the “mother” to many four-legged, furry companions, past and present. Nikki is a big supporter of animal rights organizations and their very important work.

Nikki is a lifelong, avid reader. Her maternal grandfather was a Methodist minister. He gifted her with a love of the written word. As a child, she sat spellbound listening to his deep baritone voice recite line after line of classic poetry from renowned poets. Nikki’s mother was a teacher. She encouraged her daughter’s writing career and instilled in her daughter the importance of excellence in her writing. In a natural progression, Nikki’s journalism career started in high school. She served as the newspaper editor of Texas’ second largest high school. This experience led to the pursuit of a B.A. in journalism.

It is no wonder that Nikki’s lifelong passions of service to others and writing have cross-connected. The life of a nonprofit copywriter is the career of her dreams.

Following her mother’s instruction to be the best at her chosen trade, Nikki sought training from the copywriting industry’s premier trainers – American Writers and Artists, Inc. AWAI provided her with intensive schooling in all the intricacies of writing for the web and specifically, marketing for nonprofits.

The sum of her life experiences makes Nikki unique in her copywriting abilities.

”Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, “What are you doing for others?”

-Martin Luther King, Jr.